New Animals at CARE! Rabbits, chicks and more!

CARE has added to the family, up to yet we now have a new rabbit, lots of chicks and a baby guinea pig!

At CARE we like to try to add the the animal family so that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the company of a range of animals. Each year we hatch some our own chicken eggs and this year, so far, we have 12 baby chicks! They are adorable and a favorite to anyone who comes to visit! There are still more eggs yet to hatch! Including some duck and pheasant eggs from the farm!

We also have bought a new white rabbit, seen above, called Hop. Hes less than a year old to date and very friendly! Another recent addition is a tiny baby guinea pig who at the moment is almost the same size as the chicks! Hes very noisy but loves being held by the guys and having a fuss!

Stay tuned for more additions!

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