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Interested in Learning Online?

CARE is continually developing online courses to be run completely digitally which you can enroll upon and complete from the comfort of your own home! These course’s are free and funded by Staffordshire Community Learning.

Current courses open for enrollment:

⭐️  “Festive, Seasonal Winter / Christmas Crafts” Two courses: Fridays 06/11/20 – 04/12/20   &    Tuesdays 10/11/20 – 08/12/20

This course covers using some up-cycled resources and natural materials to create a lovely range of seasonal Christmas crafts! Some of the crafts we’ll be making include hand painted baubles, sensory pomanders, cards and a range of natural crafts. You will learn techniques such as basic sewing. braiding, painting, decoupage and 3d card design plus much more.

The course aims to support your own mental well being and you will learn strategies of how to put the 5 ways to well being into practice. You will able to share ideas and collaborate on-line with others on the course. You will learn how you can use these skills to give to others too.

⭐️ “A Positive Approach To The New Normal” 07/09/20 – 06/10/20

This brand new free online course covers a range of topics surrounding coming out of lock down and coping strategies to support your well being.

Included in the course are:

  • Tips to recognise and manage your anxiety
  • Breathing techniques
  • How to cope with change
  • How to cope with a new routine
  • Developing a better understanding of ongoing health / hygiene measures
  • Keeping a positive mindset
  • How to get help in your community
  • and much much more

The course has been developed with Amie Garghan, a trainee Psychotherapist, who will also be presenting on the videos.

⭐️ “Getting Ready for Volunteering and Work” 06/10/20 – 24/11/20

Lean skills to help you work as part of a team, plan and manage your time more efficiently. We cover basic Health and Safety legislation, some simple gardening projects and help you plan what to do next. This course will help you build a positive attitude, improve well being and build your self confidence.

Topics included on this course are:

  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Help you develop coping strategies
  • Understand the need for work based legislation
  • Cover basic H&S and risk assessments
  • Effective team working
  • Communication and listening skills
  • An introduction to horticulture as a workplace ad vocation
  • How to create a personal development plan
  • Signposting to community partners

⭐️  “How to Stay Safe Online and Understanding Social Media” 13/10/20 – 17/11/20

This course will help you learn essential skills and/or update some you already use to stay safe digitally online. We will also look at what is social media? How to stay safe using it and some common scams to watch out for.

Topics included in this course are:

  • Understand how to get connected online and stay safe
  • Learn how to communicate and connect safely through social media
  • Learn to spot common scams and online threats
  • Understand how to protect yourself from scams and malware
  • Learn what social media applications are right for you
  • Learn how to protect others in your home

⭐️  “Basic Watercolour Painting and Techniques” 14/10/20 – 18/11/20

This course aims to help you support your own mental well being and introduce you to watercolour painting techniques. The course will give you a basic knowledge and understanding of watercolour painting to give you confidence to create your own work.

Topics included on this course are:

  • Watercolour painting techniques
  • How to use watercolour painting equipment
  • Stretching paper
  • Mixing colours
  • Painting landscapes, sky’s, still life and flowers.
  • How to look after your equipment

To enroll on a course follow the link below and please fill out the information:

The courses will include a range of content and the current courses open to enrollment are:

Available to adult learners (19+) living in Staffordshire (Stafford, South Staffs, Codsall, Cannock Chase Areas, Eccelshall etc) including those with mental wellbeing issues, a learning difficulty, physical disability and anyone who may be unemployed. 

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